About ChildExpressions

Hi! My name is Sheree Wilkinson and I am a parent, a certified Speech and Language Pathologist, a parent coach and a verbal behavior/Applied Behavior Analysis therapist. My goal is to help children and parents/caregivers connect, learn from each other and build an enjoyable environment to coexist together. I work with parents to create solutions that work for everyone based on their unique concern(s). I enjoy problem solving with families to come up with a plan to make life less stressful and easier to connect in a more meaningful way.
I have two beautiful daughters who are 8 and 10. I am continually looking for different approaches to new issues; I thought that I could share some of the things that worked well for us and maybe not so well…
I use ideas from ABA/Verbal Behavior therapy, Love and Logic Parenting and my child development training and SLP therapy techniques to create individualized plans and strategies for families.